Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Kiltian Mais or Binatog

July means the onslaught of typhoons in the Philippines. This is also the best time to abuse the Magic Sing. Ooops... No, I'm not causing those "bagyos" OK?!

And what could be more heart-warming than eating warm Kilichan or Kiltian Mais aka Binatog while blogging. Here's another native Kapampangan treat that is best eaten during merienda.

It's puffed kernels of corn in soft form, dredged with grated coconut or ngungut and sprinkled with some salt. It reminds me of those golden days when I used to force myself to take a nap or siesta as imposed by my parents. How was I able to do it? I was bribed with kilitian mais!

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