Monday, January 23, 2006


Talbus Kamuti

Last night, I went to my guy's house and we ate a very healthy Kapampangan dinner which consists of Talbus Kamuti, Pritung Balasenas (fried eggplant), and Tinapa (steamed fish). It's one of those barrio meals I always crave for.

What took my breath away is the fried Talbus Kamuti or leaves of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas). I rarely enjoy green leafy vegetables but when I tasted the savoury freshness of Talbus Kamuti, I almost forgot my name! It is known to be an excellent source of Vitamin A & C.

This delicacy might not be just confined in Pampanga, but what the heck this is where I had the first taste of this healthy dish.

It's best eaten when dipped in baguk or shrimp paste and either vinegar or calamansi. Rrrrrr...

This is one of my favorite dish. i love green leafy vegetables too! :)

Pampanga food trip
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