Friday, February 24, 2006


Ningnang Bulig, Burong Nasi and Mustasa

What could be described more of being truly Kapampangan in terms of food aroma when one smells the ashiness of ningnang bulig or inihaw na dilag (mudfish)? This meaty fish when dipped in sampaloc puree with baguk (alamang or shrimp paste) is definitely mouthwatering.

To complete the oh so Kapampangan meal, it was served with the not so good smelling and yet exquisitely exotic burong nasi (in cup) and fresh mustasa or mustard leaves. Burong nasi's reputation of smelling like cat's vomit is sheerly negligible when one tastes this Kapampangan delicacy.

According to my mom, one should be really careful in looking for the best buro as there are some kinds that don't taste good. I still have to ask her how is one supposed to judge bad buro from the good one.

I am so happy such blog existed.

I am a Kapampangan blogger and recently I have decided to promote my language/culture more instead of mentally being a tagalog.

my blog actually slightly serves to make an indirect statement that i am proud of my roots. although written in tagalog and sometimes english, that is because my readers are often tagalog or english.

but slowly, i introduce to them some kapampangan culture and have started using kapampangan words too.

ala mu, share cu mu, hehe.

let me link you.

I introduce Buro to a friend from US, but I don't know how to describe it. I'm happy I found this site.

I tasted Buro and grew up with my family eating it. My late grandmother used to make buro. The one in reddish color, some prefer the white colored buro, they say it tasted better. But i like the red one. We eat it together with boiled okra, string beans or mustasa leaves and camote tops. And together with grilled fish.

I think you have to get used to the taste, to like it. When I was a child I dont eat it, now I do.
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